My Favorite Photographers (K-M): Alphabetical by First Name

This is a collection of links that will lead you to the works of many of my favorite photographers.  Enjoy!  Please let me know if you ever find a broken link.  Many thanks.

Karl Blossfeldt:

Masters of Photography Collection
Karl Blossfeldt Photos
Soulcatcher Studio Portfolio
Photography Now Collection

Karl Struss:

Lee Gallery Portfolio

Kate Breakey:

Kate Breakey Photography

Kathy Lindsey:

Kathy Lindsey Photography

Keith Carter:

The Edelman Gallery Portfolio
Keith Carter Photographs

Ken Collins:

Ken Collins Photography

Kenneth Josephson:

Vintage Works Portfolio

Kevin J.. Miyazaki:

Keven J. Miyazaki Photography

Kevin Thrasher:

Kevin Thrasher Photography

Kike Arnal:

Kike Arnal Photography

Lana Slezic:

Lana Slezic Photography

Larry Blackwood:

Larry Blackwood Photography

Larry Burrows:

Luminous Lint Collection

Larry Towell:

Magnum Photos Major Features

Laura Gilpin:

I Photo Central Portfolio
Andrew Smith Gallery Portfolio
Bookrags Biography
Luminous Lint Collection
Soulcather Studio Portfolio


Laura McPhee:


Laura McPhee Photography




Lee Friedlander:

Andrew Smith Gallery Portfolio

Leo Fuchs:

Leo Fuchs Photography Archives

Léon Gimpel:

Luminous Lint Collection

Leonard Freed:

Magnum Photos Major Features

Leopoldo Alinari:

Luminous Lint Collection

Lewis Baltz:

George Eastman House Collection



Lewis Carroll:

Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at AustinCollection

Lewis Hine:

Masters of Photography Collection
The Library of Congress National Child Labor Committee Collection

Linda Connor:

Joseph Bellows Gallery Portfolio
Edelman Gallery Portfolio
Hines Gallery Portfolio
After Image Gallery Portfolio
Women Photographer Collection at the California Museum of Photography

Lisette Model:

Bruce Silverstein Gallery Portfolio
International Center of Photography Collection
Seraphin Gallery Portfolio
J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
Hasted/Kraeutler Gallery Portfolio
Luminous Lint Collection
Masters of Photography Collection

Loli Kantor:

Loli Kantor Photography

Lou Dan:

Lou Dan Photography

Louie Palu:

Louie Palu Photography

Louis Faurer:

Art Central Collection

Louise Dahl-Wolfe:

Center for Creative Photography at The University of Arizona Library Collection
Luminous Lint Collection

Lucas Samaras:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection

Lynn Saville:

Lynn Saville Photography

Maggie Diaz:

Maggie Diaz Photography

Maggie Taylor:

Maggie Taylor Photography

Maider Kuadra:

Maider Kuadra Photography

Maison Bonfils:

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Collection

Man Ray:

George Eastman House Collection

Manuel Alvarez Bravo:

Masters of Photography Collection

Marc Riboud:

Marc Riboud Photography

Marcia Schulman Martin:

Marcia Schulman Martin Photography

Marcus Bleasdale:

Marcus Bleasdale Photography

Margaret Bourke-White:

Masters of Photography Collection
Gallery M Portfolio

Maria Oliveira:

Maria Oliveira Photography

Marie Wilkinson and Cyril Christo:

Conservation Photography




Mario Giacomelli:

Mario Giacomelli Photography

Marion Post Wolcott:

Jackson Fine Art Portfolio
The Halsted Gallery Portfolio
The University of Virginia FSA Collection Part 1
The University of Virginia FSA Collection Part 2
The University of Virginia FSA Collection Part 3
The Museum of Modern Art Collection
Smithsonian Oral History of American Art Interview

Mark Citret:

Mark Citret Photography

Mark Cohen:

George Eastman House Collection

Mark Klett:

Lisa Sette Gallery Portfolio

Markham Starr:

Markham Starr Photography

Marta Azevedo:

Marta Azevedo on Flickr

Martin Munkácsi:

Luminous Lint Collection
International Center of Photography Collection
International Center of Photography Exhibition

Martin Roemers:

Martin Roemers Photography

Marin Stavars:

Martin Stavars Photography

Martine Franck:

Time Lightbox Feature
New York Times Obituary
Magnum Photos Exhibitions

Marty Knapp:

Marty Knapp Photography

Mary Ellen Mark:

Mary Ellen Mark Photography

Matthew Vogt:

Matthew Vogt Photography

Maurice Tabard:

Luminous Lint Collection

Max Yavno:

Jan Kesner Gallery Portfolio
Michael Dawson Gallery Portfolio

Merg Ross:

Merg Ross Photography

Michael Crouser:

Michael Crouser Photography

Michael Froio:

Michael Froio Photography

Michael ('Nick') Nichols:

Michael Nichols Photography

Michael Ormerod:

Millenium Images Portfolio

Michael P. Smith

Michael P. Smith Photography

Michael Vahrenwald:

Michael Vahrenwald Photography

Michael Yamashita:

Michael Yamashita Photography

Milton Rogovin:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
The University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography Collection
The Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Reading Room Collection
New York Times Obituary
You Tube:  Picture Man, the Poetry of Photographer Milton Rogovin
University of Arizona Teachers Guide to the Work of Milton Rogovin

Minor White:

Masters of Photography Collection

Mitchell Kanashkevich:

Mitchell Kanashkevich Photography

Moissej Nappelbaum:

Le Journal de la Photographie Portfolio

Morrie Camhi:

The Stare Portofolio

Morris Engel:

The Morris Engel Archive

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