My Favorite Photographers (A-D): Alphabetical by First Name

This is a collection of links that will lead you to the works of many of my favorite photographers.  Enjoy!  Please let me know if you ever find a broken link.  Many thanks.

Aaron Siskind:

The Aaron Siskind Foundation
Museum of Contemporary Photography Collection

Accra Shepp:

Flag Parade Portfolios

Adolph de Meyer:

Vogues First Fashion Photographer
Adolph de Meyer -- Broadway Photographs
National Portrait Gallery Collection

Adam Jahiel:

Adam Jahiel -- Photographer

Adam Magyar:

Adam Magyar Photography


Agustí Centelles:

Biography on Typically Spanish 
The Spanish Civil War Photographs of Agustí Centelles on You Tube

Al DaValle:

Da Valle Photography

Alan Cohen:

Alan Cohen Photography

Abelardo Morell:

Abelardo Morell Photography

Albert Renger-Patzsch:

Zabriskie Gallery Collection

Albert Sands Southworth:

Luminous Lint Collection

Alex Web:

Catherine Edleman Gallery Portfolio

Alexander Gardner:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
National Park Service Photographs of Antietam
Lee Gallery Portfolio
Biography from Spartacus Educational

Alexander Gronsky:

Alexander Gronsky Photography

Alexander Rodchenko:

Masters of Photography Collection

Alexandra Catiere:

Alexandra Catiere Photography

Alexia Berry:

Alexis Berry Photography

Alfred Eisenstaedt:

Biography from Art Central
Life on Both Sides of the Camera:  Eisenstaedt's Surprising Self-Portraits
Twilight of the Idol:  Rare Photos of Hemingway in Cuba

Alfred Stieglitz:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection
The George Eastman House Collection
The Victoria & Albert Museum Collection
The Lee Gallery Portfolio

Alma Lavenson:

Center for Creative Photography at
   the University of Arizona Libraries
Online Archive of California Collection
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Collection


Alvin Langdon Coburn:

Science & Society Picture Library Portfolio
Lee Gallery Portfolio
George Eastman House Collection
Masters of Photography Portfolio
National Portrait Gallery Collection
Biography on Photo Collect

Amy Stein:

Amy Stein Photography

Ana Catarina Pinho:

Ana Catarina Pinho Photography

Andre Kertesz:

PBS American Masters Biography
National Gallery of Art Collection
Pbase Portfolio
Photographers Gallery Portfolio

Andrea Baldeck:

Andrea Baldeck Photography

Andrea Modica:

Andrea Modica Photography
Edelman Gallery Portfolio
Gallery 339 Portfolio
G. Gibson Gallery Portfolio
Luminous Lint Collection
Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery Portfolio

Andreas Feiniger:

George Eastman House Collection

Andreas Gursky:

Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition

Andrew Miksys:

Andrew Miksys Photography

Andrew Moore:

Andrew Moore Photography

Andy Warhol:

Andy Warhol Photographs

Anil Rao:

Anil Rao Photography

Ann McDonald:

Pecan Press

Anna Atkins:

The J. Paul Getty Collection

Anne W. Brigman:

Lee Gallery Portfolio
American Women in the Arts Portfolio at Yale University

Annie Leibovitz:

Andrew Smith Gallery Portfolio
Biography from PBS American Masters Series

Anne Schwalbe:

Anne Schwalbe Photography

Ansel Adams:

Ansel Adams on You Tube
PBS American Experience - Ansel Adams, A Documentary Film on You Tube
The Ansel Adams Gallery
Masters of Photography Portfolio
Ansel Adams at 100 on The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
The Best of Ansel Adams on The History Place

Anton Bruehl:

Luminous Lint Collection

Anton Young:

Anton Young Subway Series

Antonio Biulio Bragaglia:

Luminous Lint Collection

Ara Güler:

Ara Güler Official Web Site

Arne Cröll:

Arne Cröll Photography


Arnold Eagle:

Vision Gallery Portfolio

Arnold Genth:

The Library of Congress Collection

Arnold Newman:

Newman's Gift, 60 Years of Photography at the International Center of Photography
Masters of Photography Portfolio

Arthur Leipzig:

Jackson Fine Art Gallery Portfolio
Arthur Leipzig, Photographer
Brooklyn Museum Collection
Hackelbury Gallery Portfolio
Luminous Lint Collection
Soulcatcher Studio Gallery Portfolio

Arthur Rothstein:

Farm Security Administration Collection

Arthur Siegel:

Stephen Daiter Gallery Portfolio

Arthur Tress:

State Park Photos
Two Part Documentary on You Tube


August Sander:

Robert Klein Gallery Portfolio

Axel Hütte:

Art Net Portfolio

Barry Goldwater:

Barry Goldwater Photographs


Barry Guthertz:

Barry Guthertz Photography



Beaumont Newhall:

Museum of Contemporary Photography Collection



Ben Shahn:

Biography on American Studies on the American Art at The Phillips Collection
Ben Shahn Collection on Shorpy Historical Photo Archive
Cotton Pickers from the FSA Collection
Ben Shahn Portfolio at The Lee Gallery
Ben Shahn with Leica and Right Angle Viewfinder from John Edwin Mason:
     Documentary, Motorsports, Photo History
Oral History Interview with Ben Shahn, April, 1964 from the Archives
     of American Art

Bernice Abbott:

Masters of Photography Collection
Get the Picture Collection

Beth Moon:

Beth Moon Photography
Verve Gallery Portfolio
Cordon Potts Gallery Portfolio
Joseph Saxton Gallery Portfolio
PH Neutro Gallery Portfolio

Bev Pettit:

Bev Pettit Photography

Bill Arnold:

Joseph Bellows Gallery Portfolio

Bill Jay:

Luminous Lint Collection

Bill Schwab:

Bill Schwab Photography

Bill  and Alice Wright:

Wright's World

Blake Ogden:

Blake Ogden Photography

Bob Avakian:

Bob Avakian Photography

Bobby Abrahamson:

Rabbit Blog

Boris Smelov:

Art Net Portfolio
AMP 65 City of Shadows Collection
David Galloway Review of Smelov Retrospective at Sputnik Gallery on Art Cat

Brad Cole:

Brad Cole Photography


Masters of Photography Collection

Brian Duffy:

Mail Online Article by Bill Mouland:  Blaze of Glory. . .the Iconic Sixties
     Portraits That Escaped an Inferno
Brian Duffy Photographer of Swinging Sixties

Brian Kosoff:

Brian Kosoff Photography

Brian Lesteberg:

Brian Lesteberg Photography

Brian Palmer:

Brian Palmer Photography

Brian Skerry:

Brian Skerry Photography

Brook Jensen:

Brook Jensen Arts

Bruce Barnbaum:

Bruce Barnbaum Photography


Bruce Davidson:

Soulcather Studio Collection

Burt Glinn:

Magnum Photos Features

Carolyn Guild:

Carolyn Guild Photography

Carl Mydans:

Duke University Library Collection

Carla Borel:

Carla Borel Photography

Carleton Watkins:

Masters of Photography Collection
Lee Gallery Portfolio
Yosemite History Collection
Kern County Collection
The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum Collection
Stereoviews of Carleton Watkins

Charles Clifford:

I Photo Central Portfolio

Charles W. Guildner:

Charles W. Guildner Photography:  Impressions of Silver

Charles Marville:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
Lee Gallery Portfolio

Charles Ommanney:

Charles Ommanney Photography

Charles Sheeler:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection

Charles Swedlund:

Stephen Daiter Gallery Portfolio

Charlotte Watts:

Charlotte Watts Photography:  The Progress of Light

Chim (David Seymour):

International Center of Photography Collection

Chip Forelli:

Dakota Ridge Gallery Portfolio

Chris Faust:

Chris Faust Photography

Chris Hondros:

Chris Hondros Photography


Chuck Kimmerle:

Chuck Kimmerle Photography

Cindy Sherman:

Masters of Photography Collection

Claire A. Warden:

Claire A. Warden Photography

Clarence John Laughlin:

The Stephen Daiter Gallery Portfolio
Masters of Photography Collection

Clyde Butcher:

Clyde Butcher Photography

Corinne Mercadier:

Corinne Mercadier Photography

Constant Puyo:

Photo Seed Collection:  Notes sur La Photographie Artistique
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection

Cristina Nava:

Cristina Nava Photography

Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson

Conservation Photography


Daido Moriyama:

Daido Moriyama Photography

Dan Winters:

Dan Winters Photography

Daniel Traub:

Daniel Traub Photography

Danny Lyon:

Andrew Smith Gallery Indian Nations Portfolio
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
     Picutring the Century Portfolio

David Paul Bayles:

David Paul Bayles Photography

David Burnett:

David Burnett Photography

David Butts:

David Butts Photography

David J. Carol:

David J. Carol Photography

David Doubilet:

David Doubilet Photography

David Douglas Duncan:

The Harry Ranson Collection at The University of Texas at Austin

David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson:

Lee Gallery Portfolio

David Hiepler and Fritz Brunier

Hiepler, Brunier

David Hurn:

Magnum Major Features

David Michael Kennedy:

David Michael Kennedy Photography

David Maisel:

David Maisel Photography

David S. Rosen:

David S. Rosen Photography

David Lorenz Winston:

David Lorenz Winston Photography

Dawoud Bey:

Dawoud Bey Photography

Derry Moore:

Derry Moore Photography


Past to Present Vintage Photo Gallery

Don Worth:

Photography West Portfolio

Dora Maar:

Stephen Daiter Gallery Portfolio

Doris Ulmann:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
Gallery V Exhibit at Berea College
Scholars Resource Collection
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Collection
Western Carolina University Collection:  Craft Revival, Shaing Western North
     Carolina Past and Present
Biography:  The Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Reading Room

Dorothea Lange:

Masters of Photography Collection
Lee Gallery Portfolio
Ala Foto Portfolio
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
     Picutring the Century Portfolio
The History Place Biography and Collection

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