My Favorite Photographers (E-J): Alphabetical by First Name

This is a collection of links that will lead you to the works of many of my favorite photographers.  Enjoy!  Please let me know if you ever find a broken link.  Many thanks.


Edward S. Curtis:

Christopher Cardozo Fine Art Portfolio
The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Collection

Edward Steichen:

The Staley Wise Gallery Portfolio
Masters of Photography Collection


Edward Weston:

Bruce Silverstein Gallery Portfolio
Center for Creative Collection at the University of Arizona
The Day Books of Edward Weston, Two Books in One edited by Nancy Newhall
Lumiere Fine Art Photography Gallery Portfolio
23 Quotes from Edward Weston

Edwind Rosskam:

Shorpy Portfolio

Eleanor Brown:

Eleanor Brown Photography

Eliot Porter:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection

Ellen Fisch:

Ellen Fisch Photography (black-and-white and sepia architectural studies)



Elliot Ross:

Elliot Ross Photography

Eliza Lamb:

Eliza Lamb Photography

Eric Mencher:

Eric Mencher Photography

Ernie Brooks:

Ernie Brooks Photography

Ernst Haas:

Ernst Haas Estate

Esther Bubley:

Esther Bubley Photography

Eudora Welty:

Smithsonian Magazine Portfolio

Eugene Atget:

National Gallery of Art Collection
The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
Masters of Photography Collection
The International Center of Photography Collection
The George Eastman House Collection

Eugene H. Johnson:

Unspoken Dialogues Portfolio

Eugene Richards:

Eugene Richards Photography

Eva Watson-Schütze:

Cookie House "Stallforth Family" Portfolio
The Museum of Modern Art Collection
The National Museum of Women in the Arts Collection
Paul Cava Gallery Portfolio

Eve Arnold:

National Portrait Gallery Collection
Magnum Photos "The Misfits" Portfolio
Magnum Photos "Black Muslims" Portfolio
Magnum Photos "China/Mongolia" Portfolio

Evelyn Hofer:

Danziger Gallery Portfolio
New York Art World Review of Evelyn Hofer Show at
     The Peter Blum Gallery
New York Times Obituary

Ewa Zebrowski:

Ewa Zebrowski Photography

Ezra Stoller:

Morehouse Gallery Portfolio

F. Holland Day:

Luminous Lint Collection

F. Van Deren Coke:

George Eastman House Collection

Fazal Sheikh:

Fazal Sheikh Photography

Felice Beato:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Collection

Felix Nadr:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection

Frances Benjamin Johnston:

Clio Visualizing History Collection

Franck Vogel:

Franck Vogel Photographer

Frank Armstrong:

Frank Armstrong Photography

Frank Gohlke:

Frank Gohlke Photography

Frank Gross:

Frank Gross Photography

Frank Zipperer:

Frank Zipperer Photography

Fred Picker:

Fred Picker Photography

Frederick Evans:

The Andrew Smith Gallery Portfolio

Frederick I. Monsen:

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Collection

Frederick Wilfred:

London Street Photographer

Frida Kahlo:

NPR:  Frida Kahlo's Private Stash of Pictures

Fritz Brunier and David Hielper:

Hielper, Brunier

Gabor Szilasi:

Stephen Bulger Gallery Portfolio

Gary Braasch:

Gary Braasch Photography

Garry Winogrand:

"Unseen Color" Portfolio:  Seven Seven Nine,
     Nick Turpin on Street Photography
Kopeikin Gallery Portfolio

George DeWolfe:

George DeWolfe Photography

George Hoyningen-Heune:

The Luminous Lint Collection

George Hurrell:

George Hurrell Photography

George N. Barnard:

The Luminous Lint Collection
"Sherman's Campaign" Portfolio:  Digital Library of Georgia

George Tice:

"Amish Photographs" Portfolio at After Image Gallery
Gallery 270 Portfolio
Biography at Nailya Alexander Gallery
The Luminous Lint Collection

Gertrude Käsebier:

The Luminous Lint Collection
The Science & Society Picture Library Portfolio

Giles Peress:

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Collection

Gilles Caron:

Foundation Gilles Caron

Gjon Mili:

Getty Images Archive

Gordon Parks:

PDN Online and Kodak Professional present Lengends on Line
Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Gustave Le Gray:

The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
The Lee Gallery Portfolio
The Luminous Lint Collection
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection
Blouin Art Info:  Gustave Le Gray SAils Away With a World Auction Record
    for Nineteenth-Century Photography

Hank O'Neal:

Hank O'Neal Photography

Hannah Höch:

Books by Hannah Höch offered on Artbook
Review by Missy Finger of "The Photomontages of Hannah Höch"
The Luminous Lint Collection

Hans Watzek:

Luminous Lint Collection

Hansel Mieth:

PBS Independent Lens Portfolio

Harold Corsini:

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Collection

Harold H. Jones:

Harold H. Jones Photography

Harold Ross:

Harold Ross Photography


Harry Callahan:

Masters of Photography Collection
Museum of Contemporary Photography Collection
American Suburb X interview

Harvey Finkle:

Harvey Finkle Photography

Harvey Stein:

Harvey Stein Photography

Heinrich Kuhn:

Lee Gallery Portfolio
Photography Now Collection
Luminous Lint Collection

Helen Levitt:

Masters of Photography
NPR Helen Levitt's Incredible Eye feature on
     All Things Considered
Pro Fotos Biography

Helmar Lerski:

George Eastman House Still Photograph Archive

Henri Cartier-Bresson:

Foundation Henri Cartier-Bresson
Magnum Photos Features
After Image Gallery Portfolio
Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henry B. Goodwin:

Luminous Lint Collection

Henry Berry:

Henry Berry Photographs

Henry Wessel:

Rena Bransten Gallery Portfolio

Herbert List:

Herbert List Estate

Herman Leonard:

Edelman Gallery "A Life with Jazz" Portfolio

Hermann Krone:

George Eastman House Still Photograph Archive

Hiroshi Sugimoto:

Hiroshi Sugimoto Photography

Hiroshi Watanabe:

Hiroshi Watanabe Photography

Hugo Henneberg:

Luminous Lint Collection

Huntington Witherill:

Huntington Witherill Photography

Igor Svibilsky:

Igor Svibilsky Photography

Imogen Cunningham:

The Private Gallery

Inge Morath:

Magnum Photos Porfolios

Irene Kung:

Irene Kung Photography

Israëlis Bidermanas (Izis):

You Tube Presentation
Wikipedia Biography

Jack Leigh:

Jack Leigh Photography

Jacob Riis:

Masters of Photography Collection

Jacques-Henri Lartigue:

Masters of Photography Collection

James Clancy:

James Clancy Photography

James Nachtwey:

"Shattered", September 11, 2001 Portfolio

James Ravilious:

James Ravilious, Photographer of Rural Life
James Ravilious:  A World in Photographs on You Tube

Janet Woodcock:

Janet Woodcock Photography

Jay Dusard:

Tiny Satellite Press Portfolio
Michael Caden Gallery Portfolio

Jay Tyrell:

Jay Tyrell Photography

Jeffery Stoner:

Jeffery Stoner Photography

Jenny Ellerbe:

Jenny Ellerbe Photography

Jill Freedman:

Jill Freedman Photography

Jim Enyeart:

George Eastman House Collection

Jo Whaley:

Jo Whaley Photography

Jocelyne Alloucherie:

Jocelyne Alloucherie Photography

Joe Lipka:

Joe Lipka Photography

Joel Meyerowitz:

Edelman Gallery Portfolio
Masters of Photography Collection

Joel Sternfeld:

The Getty Museum Collection

John Alfano:

John Alfano Photography

John A. Benigno:

Photographic Images

John Cohen:

John Cohen Photography

John Collier, Jr:

Flickr Collection

John Delaney:

John Delaney Photography

John Paul Edwards:

Artnet Portfolio

John Gossage:

Stephen Daiter Gallery Portfolio

John Gutmann:

Luminous Lint Collection

John K. Hillers:

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Collection

John Loengard:

Gallery M Portfolio

John Sexton:

John Sexton Photography

John Vachon:

FSA Archive
Marilyn, August 1953:  The Lost LOOK Photos
Archives of American Art:  Oral History Interview

John Wimberley:

John Wimberley Photography

Josef Hoflehner:

Josef Hoflehner Photography

Joseph Kadar:

Ross Photo Gallery Portfolio

Joseph Koudelka:

Masters of Photography Collection
Magnum Photos Collection

Joseph Jachna:

Stephen Daiter Gallery Portfolio
Luminous Lint Collection
Rockford Art Museum Collection

Josef Sudek:

Excerpt from "Creative Camera" by Charles Sawyer

Josef Tornick:

Josef Tornick Photography

Josephine Sacabo:

A Gallery for Fine Photography Portfolio
Edelman Gallery Portfolio

Judith Joy Ross:

The Museum of Modern Art Collection
The Pace/MacGill Gallery Portfolio
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Collection

Julia Margaret Cameron:

The George Eastman House Collection
Biography from Arts Central
The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection
Masters of Photography Collection

Julie Blackmon:

Julie Blackmon Photography

Julie Meridian:

Julie Meridian Photography

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